Bentonite Clay Mask


Purified water. Bentonite clay. Calendula oil. Polawax. Vegetal glycerin. Cetyl alcohol. Chamomile essential oil. Germall plus preservative.

Product description

Bentonite clay comes from the ashes of volcanoes, and inside it there are a lot of minerals that, when used on the skin, will make it feel hydrated, nourished and, above all, rejuvenated.
Among the benefits of Bentonite Clay, are:
Deep hydration: bentonite clay has so many minerals that act in different ways when applied to the skin, that we achieve deeper hydration than what is achieved with other creams and other types of compounds.
More vital skin: the elements that we find inside the bentonite clay improve blood circulation, giving the skin a healthy and luminous appearance. That is why we are going to have an improvement that will be noticeable inside our body, but also on the outside.

Elimination of residues: bentonite clay also allows us to thoroughly cleanse the skin, and this allows us to boast of clean, healthy skin with much fewer blemishes.
Acne treatment: bentonite clay is of great help to treat infections such as acne, which is why it is increasingly common to find it among the components in specific creams for this ailment.
There are so many advantages that this natural element offers us, that this magnificent Bentonite Clay mask cannot be missing from your beauty routine. The Bentonite Clay mask helps control sebum production, provides a matte finish and minimizes the appearance of prominent pores. Its antioxidant minerals (known as phyllosilicates) and anti-inflammatory properties soothe acne breakouts.