Calendula Ointment


Calendula oleate in olive oil. Bee wax. Shea butter. Rosehip oil. Vitamin E. Chamomile essential oil.

Product description

Calendula was considered a medicinal plant, in ancient Egypt they called it a miraculous flower. Both the Egyptians, and later the Greeks and Romans, used it for its antiseptic and healing properties to treat insect bites and scars.
Calendula ointment protects the skin of the whole family from weather attacks, such as wind and cold, as it acts as a protective barrier.
It is healing and antiseptic. It is used to heal wounds and burns. And due to its properties it produces collagen, which is what helps to regenerate the skin faster. For this reason it is very useful in the treatment of mouth ulcers and herpes. And it even regenerates the skin of dry lips.
For acne, its application is very beneficial to combat fat and the formation of

bacteria. It works as an astringent to dry out pimples. In this way, the formation of pimples is stopped.
It has emollient and soothing properties. A great ally for small injuries, puffy eyes and dark circles. The latter can be treated by combining calendula with arnica.
It has great moisturizing power because it penetrates the skin and restores its moisturizing layer.
Calendula ointment is indicated for use after getting a tattoo. This is due to its moisturizing, healing and antiseptic properties. They will also make the skin regenerate sooner, the pain and the feeling of tightness disappear faster.

This wonderful ointment has great healing and antiseptic power, in addition to regenerating the skin and producing collagen, which is why it is highly recommended for healing wounds, treating scars, cracked feet and hands, burned or acne-prone skin, mouth ulcers, and eczema.