Conditioner Nettle & Aloe vera


Nettle infusion. BTMS. Jojoba oil. Vitamin E. Hydroglycerinated nettle extract. Aloe Vera. Silk protein. Mint essential oil. Lavender essential oil. Germall plus preservative. Lactic acid.
NET WT. 10 Oz

Product description

Nettle is a plant that is characterized by being a source of many vitamins and minerals, apart from providing fiber. Among the vitamins, the presence of vitamin A, group B (B2, B5 and B9), C and K stands out. The content of iron, silicon, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, in relation to minerals is equally significant.
Due to its composition, green nettle has multiple benefits for the scalp by helping to prevent and eliminate dandruff, itching, the appearance of eczema and hair loss.
Its benefits still go further than giving hair shine, as well as greater hydration. Likewise, its regenerative power and hair oxygenation stands out. For oily scalps, its

use may also be indicated because it does not add fat and helps reduce its excesses.
Aloe vera is moisturizing, regenerates hair, stimulates circulation, revitalizes the scalp, nourishes hair, regulates the skin’s pH, cleanses and balances sebum production, slows down hair aging.
Aloe vera helps to treat lack of hydration in the scalp, dandruff, flaking, and also to control excessive oil production. In addition, thanks to its compounds similar to keratin, it increases the flexibility of our hair, preventing it from breaking easily and making it look healthier. The nettle and aloe vera shampoo and conditioner is formulated to provide shine, volume and a healthier appearance to your hair, the valuable properties of nettle and aloe vera for hair are: moisturizing, regenerating hair, stimulating circulation , revitalize the scalp, nourish the hair, regulate the pH of the skin, cleanse and balance sebum production and slow down hair aging.
It also helps treat lack of hydration in the scalp, dandruff, flaking and also helps control excessive oil production.
Our shampoo is elaborated with mild surfactants and free of sulfates, which will provide a different and pleasant experience, with a moderate foam but

100% washing, deep cleansing