Conditioner Rosemary & Coconut Oil


Rosemary infusion. BTMS. Coconut oil. Rosemary oleate in olive oil. Panthenol. Silk protein. Vitamin E. Rosemary essential oil. Germall plus. Lactic acid.

Product description

Our natural conditioner made with rosemary coconut oil and silk protein, promotes oxygenation of the scalp’s hair follicles and stimulates growth while slowing down hair loss.
The mixture of coconut oil and rosemary oil is an excellent natural supplement to help grow hair, so it is highly recommended for those who are experiencing excessive hair loss.
It does not alter oil production in the scalp, which allows its use on all hair types: oily, mixed and dry.
Rosemary, by nature, tends to darken hair, so it can help to gradually darken gray hair.
Rosemary is excellent to stop excessive hair loss, it is known for its properties

since ancient times.
Its compounds activate the circulation in the scalp and improve the oxygenation process to the hair follicles.
This allows for the continuous renewal of the hair and improves the nourishment process that influences hair growth.
It has astringent properties that help curb excessive oil production and also reduces the appearance of dandruff.
Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and amino acids, it is a restorative that helps alleviate various problems that affect hair health.
Its nutrients penetrate through the scalp, stimulating new hair growth in case of excessive hair loss.
It moisturizes the roots and prevents weakening and breakage of hair strands.
Acts as a natural conditioner, helping to keep hair silky, moisturized and shiny.

Silk protein, very useful to give shine and protection to hair once it has been damaged by dyes and bleaching, restoring part of the lost protein. Prevents frizz, protect the hair structure and are essential for hair growth, for those thick hair with high density, will help to reduce its volume, in addition to providing softness. The natural rosemary and coconut oil conditioner activates circulation in the scalp, improving oxygenation to the hair follicles, allowing for continuous hair renewal, aiding the nourishing process and thus promoting hair growth. Thanks to its astringent properties that help slow down excessive oil production, it reduces the appearance of dandruff.
Rosemary by nature tends to darken the hair, so it is well suited to help gradually darken gray hair. Silk protein helps protect the hair structure, adds shine and reduces frizz.
Our natural conditioner is recommended for dry mixed and oily hair, especially weakened hair with a tendency to fall out.