Firming Body Cream


Ingredients :
Green tea infusion. Gotu Kola oil. DMAE. Polawax. Shea butter. Caffeine. Black pepper essential oil. Grapefruit essential oil. Lemon essential oil. Lavender essential oil. Germall plus preservative. Lactic acid.

Product description

This is a wonderful body cream based on Centella Asiatica Oil that contains regenerative, healing and restorative properties of connective tissue, which is why it is so widely used in body treatments as it is very effective for cellulite and for the prevention of stretch marks. Among its active ingredients is DMAE
DMAE is a cosmetic active ingredient that is included within the tensors whose main function is to improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is an organic ingredient, of natural origin and water soluble. It also contains Caffeine that improves the appearance of your skin providing elasticity and firmness. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins. Essential oils such as grapefruit and Lemon, is very rich in vitamin C, responsible for the natural production of collagen and also in lycopene, capable of reducing the harmful effects of free radicals on cells.

Black pepper essential oil stimulates blood circulation and improves blood flow, eliminates toxins and excess fluids to improve skin radiance.
Green tea that helps repair skin cells and helps maintain collagen levels, which improves skin firmness. Our wonderful body firming cream with Centella Asiatica, DMAE, Caffeine, Black Pepper, Green Tea, Grapefruit and Lemon improves elasticity, firmness, hydration and texture of the skin, helps prevent stretch marks and fluid retention, significantly improving the appearance of the skin.