Green Clay Mask


Purified water. Green clay. Jojoba oil. Polawax. Vegetable glycerin. Cetyl alcohol. Geranium essential oil. Germall plus preservative.

Product description

Green clay is a very versatile clay, since it has so many properties that it will not only help us to take care of our skin but we can also use it to treat injuries, ailments and inflammations.
Green clay is characterized by its purifying and antibacterial effect: it cleanses the skin deeply and produces a relaxing effect, providing elasticity and a sensation of freshness, it also contains a large amount of minerals such as silicon, aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium among others. Also to eliminate blackheads and treat open pores or acne-prone skin. It is ideal to use as a mask on the face, being indicated mainly for oily skin or, where appropriate, for mixed skin using the multimasking technique, applying it only to the most

problematic areas where we have more oil. The green clay mask is recommended for oily and combination skin, as it has high concentrations of magnesium and ferrous iron oxides. This mixture makes the green clay have astringent properties, removes impurities, cleanses fat in depth and is very easy to absorb.