Himalayan Salt and Pink Clay Scrub


Himalayan salt. Cocoa butter. Calendula oil. Shea butter. Coconut oil. Pink clay. Vitamin E. Bee wax.

Product description

Himalayan pink salt, thanks to its grainy texture, serves as an excellent natural exfoliant for the skin, leaving it free of all kinds of dead cells. Eliminates all the dead cells that accumulate on the skin daily and, at the same time, reactivates its health and offers great cleansing and purification. The result is a much smoother, softer body skin without impurities.
Another of the great benefits of Himalayan salt for the skin is that it helps fight acne naturally. It boasts astringent and antibacterial properties that are amazing for deep cleaning clogged pores, regulating excessive sebum production, and reducing any impurities present. In addition to this, it also helps damaged skin

tissues to regenerate more quickly and prevent blemishes that acne can cause, such as spots or scars.
On the other hand, pink clay absorbs sebum, mattifies and cleanses impurities from the skin. It is a mixture of red clay, which serves to purify and give a healthy glow to the skin, and kaolin, which with its essential softness helps sensitive and reactive skin.
Pink clay is beneficial whether you have normal or dry skin or if your skin is prone to excess oil, pink clay can become the perfect ally in your beauty routine. And it is that combined with the benefits of pink salt from the Himalayas, it will be the perfect combination to leave your skin clean, exfoliated, hydrated and luminous, since in addition, pink clay has other interesting components such as iron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, a cocktail of minerals that provides extra nutrients for the skin and, therefore, contributes to its firmness and luminosity