Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Water. DMAE. Gaba. Hyaluronic acid. Germall plus preservative.

Product description

This Firming Serum has a flash and botox effect. It is formulated for skins over 35-40 years old, or that already show visible signs of aging.
DMAE is found in our body naturally, and is used in various beauty treatments, called ‘Flash’.
It offers a lifting effect so fast that it was dubbed the flash effect. It has the ability to topically penetrate the skin, saving expensive surgeries and punctures for the same purpose. With which, this wonderful asset restores to your skin its youth, a luminous and uniform tone, and the lost juiciness.

Gaba is an amino acid that acts as a muscle relaxant. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines of expression, thus illuminating the face and giving firmness to the skin.
It provides an instant Botox effect without any risk, as well as a firming effect on the tissues.
It causes a temporary interruption in the ability of the cells that send the signals for the facial muscles to contract, thereby preventing the formation of wrinkles.
Hyaluronic Acid improves the appearance of your wrinkles, making them look smaller as it fills in the grooves. Prevents dehydration and provides a velvety touch to the skin. We use high and low molecular weight, therefore it will work on the surface of your skin, but also from within. The low molecular weight one penetrates your skin and fills in wrinkles from the inner layers of the skin.
This is a wonderful serum. Wrinkles are reduced and lines are refined; reduces clogged pores; decreases swelling; firms, lifts and tightens the skin; prevents facial flaccidity; antiaging; wrinkle reduction; collagen and elastin stimulation; smoother skin; prevents the formation of new lines; creates new skin cells; and
promotes glowing skin.