Intense Hair Treatment Muru-Muru Butter


Horsetail Infusion. BTMS. Muru-Muru Butter. Panthenol. Argan Oil. Silk Protein. Vitamin E. Geranium Essential Oil. Germall Plus Preservative. Lactic Acid.

Product description

Muru-Muru butter is made by extracting the rich white-yellow fat from the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru, a palm tree native to the Amazon rainforest.
Thanks to its moisturizing properties, Muru-Muru butter has become the perfect hair care treatment.

When hair lacks moisture it can cause frizzy and frizziness. When hair is dry, the cuticle opens, becomes rough and swells, causing a frizzy and frizzy appearance.

Muru-Muru butter is high in lauric acid, a fatty acid that penetrates the hair shaft. This allows for better moisture retention by sealing the cuticle, resulting in healthier, softer and more hydrated hair.

In addition, Muru-Muru butter naturally protects against sun damage, heat and other damaging compounds.

Our hair treatment not only contains this exquisite butter, but also panthenol, Argan Oil known as “Liquid Gold,” silk protein, vitamin E and Geranium essential oil, making it a wonderful natural treatment to leave your hair healthy, hydrated and alive.