Rosemary and Lavender Salt


Epsom salt. Himalayan pink salt. Rosemary. Lavender. Rosemary essential oil. Lavender essential oil.

Product description

In such a hectic life, it is very important to take a moment for ourselves, to relax and forget about the worries and stress of everyday life. Our ancestors already used bath salts as a remedy to detoxify the body, relieve contracted muscles and painful feet, in addition to providing a moment of emotional and spiritual relaxation.
Bath salts can give you a wonderful moment to activate your senses.
Our herbal bath salts have a combination of Epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt, as well as different medicinal plants.
Epsom salts, also called magnesium sulfate, are a compound made of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Epsom

salt, in addition to its sulfates, facilitates the body’s elimination of the thousands of toxins to which we are exposed, such as medications, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals.
Himalayan pink salt, Regulates blood pressure, helps with fluid retention,
prevents muscle cramps and pulls, combats migraines, enhances sexual appetite, helps fall asleep, helps strengthen bone mass, promotes the proper functioning of the respiratory system.
Calendula and Chamomile Salts:
It reduces the appearance of red veins, has antiseptic properties, reduces inflammation of the skin, reducing oil and closing open pores. They are anti-inflammatory, emollient, soothing and softening.
Rosemary and Lavender Salts:

Rosemary and lavender are excellent companion plants
Lavender is used to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and facilitate sleep, it also promotes digestion and prevents dizziness.
Rosemary also attracts a state of clarity to the mind, in addition to maintaining a state of relaxation and being protected spiritually and energetically, it attracts clarity to the mind and stimulates ideas.
Arnica and Rosemary Salts:
Arnica and rosemary have toning, calming and anti-inflammatory properties, providing a relaxing and well-being effect, recovering muscle tone and elasticity. Ideal for relieving the feeling of heaviness in tired legs.