White Clay Mask


Purified water. White clay. Almonds oil. Polawax. Vegetal glycerin. Cetyl alcohol. Rose essential oil. Germall plus preservative.

Product description

Kaolin clay or white clay has a high content of silica dioxide, a very popular ingredient in many beauty products, since it promotes the production of collagen making our skin look firm and elastic: “The most common way in which it is usually used It is in the form of a facial mask, with the aim of deeply purifying the pores, decongesting and tightening the skin.
White clay is an excellent natural cleanser, it removes dirt, toxins, and impurities from the pores, causing blackheads and breakouts. In addition, it prevents blackheads and has the particularity that it cleanses the skin without drying it out or leaving it tight or opaque, which is why it can be used on dry and sensitive skin, although of course, combination and oily skin benefit the most.

White or kaolin clay has soothing qualities that can soothe and soothe irritated skin, whether from rashes, harsh treatments, or an insect bite. Its healing properties soothe any redness or rash.
It draws extra oil particles from the skin’s surface, to balance skin and keep blackheads and clogs that lead to breakouts at bay. By removing excess sebum, it also helps reduce excess shine on the skin. The good thing is that it only controls the excess production of sebum in the superficial layer and does not affect its level of natural fat or the lipid layer.
Unifies the skin tone, by remineralizing the skin cells, they are stimulated and shine evenly, which translates into a brighter and more radiant appearance with a more homogeneous tone.
It is a gentle exfoliator that removes even

the smallest amounts of dirt, pollutants and bacteria, while promoting skin cell regeneration, giving dull, tired skin a healthy, glowing appearance, controlling acne problems without drying or cause redness or irritation.
Stimulates, tones and tightens at the same time. It also improves blood circulation, promoting skin regeneration and a more oxygenated and decongested complexion.
White clay or kaolin clay favors the elimination of toxins. It contains zinc, magnesium, calcium and mineral salts and is capable of curing many skin problems. Rich in silica, the white clay mask helps regulate sebum and remove impurities from the skin through exfoliation. But not only does it provide the benefit of cleaning and regulating, but it also has the ability to soothe and hydrate the skin.