Pink Clay Mask


Purified water. Pink clay. Grape seed oil. Polawax. Vegetal glycerin. Cetyl alcohol. Rosewood essential oil. Germall plus preservative.

Product description

Pink clay is actually a combination of white clay and red clay found in nature itself. In this way, we see that the pink clay combines the good properties of both clays; from the white or kaolin we extract that it is rich in aluminum silicates, while from the red clay we extract its particular composition, in which iron oxide predominates.
The presence of all these minerals and trace elements makes pink clay an ideal ingredient for a mask that deeply cleanses and nourishes the face.
It is so complete because whether you have normal or dry skin or if your skin tends to be excessively oily, a pink clay mask can become the perfect ally in your beauty routine. Thanks to its texture, it is perfect for cleaning the skin without

attacking it, which is why it is also recommended for the most sensitive skin. The white clay that it contains guarantees the absorbent and antiseptic capacity of the mask, which makes it perfect to help solve problems such as acne, small scars or wounds that may be on the skin and blackheads caused by the obstruction of the pores.
In addition, pink clay has other interesting components such as iron, silicon, calcium and magnesium, a mineral cocktail that provides extra nutrients for the skin and, therefore, contributes to its firmness and luminosity. Pink clay-based masks are generally very suitable for revitalizing mature skin, since in addition to its ability to gently exfoliate the skin, it helps to minimize the presence of age spots.